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You deal with what you need

Just shop what you need. The only thing you need to think about is to scan your cashback card or show your QR code in the app to the cashier. If you shop online, just make sure you go through cashbackworld.com to get your benifits.


You get money back after every purchase

Cashback World is Europe’s largest customerclub. When you shop at a store, the company pays us a brokerage commission because of that we have recomended you as a customer to them. You get the biggest part of it – as cashback. Money back on your bank every thursday. Great ! Is’nt it?


ONE membership for all industries

Do you recognize yourself as having a membership for each store? Most people have no idea where they are members today. Imagine that you had ONE membership as ONE card/app for absolutley everything you buy each month. And not just that the membership applies in the States, but also works in over 47 countries worldwide !


Do you want to win a gift card at among others…

Walmart, Best Buy or Uber

each month worth 100 dollars ?

It’s as simple as you can imagine. Do you have monthly expences? Like gas, clothes, food, planning a vacation or eating at restaurants? You probably have other friends shopping as you do?


You start with shopping what you already need trough your cashback membership. Invite 10 other friends who also wants to save money and does the same. If they shop for average 200 dollars a month, We spend an optional gift card on you for a value of 100 dollars each month.

Cashback Competition

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