About Direct Sales TV

About Direct Sales TV Network

Who Are We?

The Direct Sales Television Network (DSTV), is the 1st TV network dedicated to the profession of Direct Sales. YES! It’s about time.

Finally a TV Network for the fastest growing sector in the entrepreneurial marketplace. A network that will provide fun, uplifting and educational content to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs all over the world.

What Are We?

We are a marketing service disrupting the industry!  Why?  So many reasons!

  • We are an actual TV Network.  An OTT station to be precise.
  • We get you in front of over 20 million viewers on ROKU, AppleTV, APPS, and more.
  • We provide Training and Education to help Network Marketers build an even better business and lifestyle.
  • We are a news and resource outlet for the 80 million Direct Sellers around the world.

Our “Why”.

We launched Direct Sales Television to:

  • Give trainers, speakers, coaches and mentors a global platform to share their message, passion & expertise with the 80 million Network Marketers around the world.
  • Direct Sellers all face the same issue:  they don’t know how to create a sustainable business.  We are changing that!
  • Solve the global job crisis – when Network Marketers understand how to build and scale a business, the will truly be set free and be able to create a lifestyle they all dreamed.

What We Believe.

Get Outside Your Circles!

It’s a fact…Network Marketers are told to market to their family and friends first.  You can’t build a company like that, you must step outside your circle and build a tribe.  Our Leaders show you how!

Why Direct Sellers?

It’s our passion! Direct sales is the fastest growing sector in the entrepreneurial marketplace. It creates more millionaires than any other profession in the world. It is also the ONLY profession that can solve the global “lack of jobs” crisis…by providing affordable opportunities to those who need it.

Our Leaders and Trainers.

They are leaders in the field of Business to Marketing. They’re making a difference in the Direct Sales space because they have been there and done it!  And they are passionate about helping you succeed!

The Universe is Abundant.

There are people all over the world looking for opportunities to better their lives. And there is plenty of opportunity to go around. Think abundantly and you’ll be abundant.

Shining the Light.

DSTV looks to shine the light on our TV Hosts who share entertaining, valuable, fun, fresh content. And we know, at the end of the day, people listen and learn from people they love.  These shows are not about them, they are about and FOR YOU!