What is DSTV?

We are a marketing service that gives you (the TV Host) a platform (a Branded Channel) to share your content.

Who Makes a Great TV Show Host?

The best candidates to be TV Show Hosts on our network meet the following criteria:

  1. Anyone in the Direct Sales Industry AND anyone who supports the Direct Sales Industry. This includes: Party Planners, Network Marketers, Home Based Businesses, Coaches, Authors, Speakers, Marketing or Financial Professionals, etc.
  2. You have a brand (or the beginning of a brand) and want to elevate it.
  3. You enjoy being on camera and have had some experience via (FB Lives, YouTube, etc.) and want more exclusive exposure.
  4. You can carve out a few days per month to videotape your shows .

What makes us special?

  • Unlike traditional TV Networks, our platform gives you complete control over your content and branding.
  • We expose your content to over 20 million viewers both nationally and internationally via Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, GooglePlay, Amazon Fire, Androids/iPhones & more.
  • And… DirectSales.tv promotes you (the tv host) throughout multiple affiliate networks including Women’s Broadcast Television Network, social media, email-campaigns and press releases.
  • And… support! We offer weekly host meetings and a full training center to help you get your show going.

What’s the Commitment?

Doing a TV Show is a commitment. A commitment to elevate your platform. A commitment to make your content and message to your audience a priority. As such, it will take some time. But, it does NOT have to take up tons of time. Our recommendations:

  1. If you have a monthly show, we suggest that you shoot your tv show footage and edit your show over a 1 or 2 day period.
  2. If you have a weekly show, we recommend that you shoot your tv show footage over a 1 or 2 day period for the entire month – all 4 weeks. Then have you/your editor spend a day or two editing.

It’s all about organizing the show into your schedule and life in a way that works best for you. And we are standing by to help you come up with that plan.

Are there other TV Platforms for Direct Sales?

  • DirectSales.tv is the ONLY Direct Sales television station on ROKU, AppleTV, Chromecast, GooglePlay, etc. where hosts have access to 20+million viewers both nationally and internationally.
  • We offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to get front and center to an audience looking for direct sales opportunities

How can we monetize?

DirectSales.tv offers hosts the ability to:

  • Showcase products
  • Advertise on your branded channel
  • Add links from your channel to your products/services/sites
  • Build a list to a targeted audience
  • DSTV will seek advertising/sponsorship opportunities

What packages do you offer?

You have 3 packages to choose from depending on your needs:

  1. Branded Channel = Bi-Weekly (2x per month) Show
  2. Branded Channel Plus = Weekly Show
  3. Marketing Upgrade= TV Show + Added Exposure

All packages include a 30-minute show that’s highlighted on DirectSales.TV and throughout the channels on the day and time of your choice (assuming it’s available).

This is a Global Platform – We have Hosts from all over the globe.

All packages include a Branded Channel where you can place ads, add product/service/website links, etc. It’s completely customizable.  The only decision you need to make is whether you would like to create a weekly show or bi-weekly show (2x per month).

How does your show get produced?

Production Options:

  1. You can shoot in a studio
  2. You can shoot over zoom
  3. Hire a camera-man and shoot in your home or on-site

What We’ve Found: An expensively produced show doesn’t necessarily bring any more viewers than an inexpensively produced show.

  1. What matters is great content
  2. What matters is consistent branding

What happens when I sign up?

Once you sign up you will get access to our Training Center, Weekly host calls for support, private Facebook group, so you can get your show up and running smoothly.

  • Training Center: is so resourceful – it helps you with everything from naming your show; to editing best practices; to how to upload your show content.
  • Wednesday Host Meetings: Here you will learn from our monetization expert and network genius… how to get your show up and going. From branding advice; to editing best practices; to steps on “how to launch your show” – these meetings are there to advise you along the way. And, if for some reason you can’t make the meeting, no problem… it’s recorded and placed in our archives.
  • Initial Branded Channel Set up Support: Once you become a TV Show Host on DSTV, WE WILL help you get your Branded Channel Set-up. However, WE DON’T create your assets, branding, or your show for you…we are a marketing service. However, we can advise you and share best practices through Training Center and Host Meetings.

Are there any guidelines for hosting a TV Show?

We created DirectSales.TV so you could expand your platform, inspire your team, and reach new audiences. Your show gives you an incredible opportunity to show off your brand and fabulous personality while providing valuable information, training, insights to your audience. This audience is not just an audience familiar with direct sales – it’s stay-at-home-moms, existing entrepreneurs and others interested in learning more about the direct sales profession. So create a show that you will love to host. Create a show that people will love to watch. Provide value and have fun doing what you love… inspiring others. Afterall, people do business with people they like and respect.

These mandatory guidelines will ensure the success of your channel:

  1. Don’t use your platform to cross-recruit
  2. Never defame another company or representative. When we support each other, we all rise.
  3. Always know, respect and follow your company’s policies with regards to conduct, product placement, and sales guidelines.
  4. Remember to create content that gives value to your potential customers and partners. If your show is a “sales pitch,” people will tune out.

Additional Support

If you need branding, studio services, editing, production or other resources, we have fantastic referrals.