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The Modern Wine Merchant with Rashmi Malhotra Like everything else, the wine industry has been impacted by changes in demographics, technology, and budgets. It”?™s not necessary to travel to France anymore to get high quality French wines. The challenge is, how to get the wines in the hands of the consumers to maximize the quality, minimize the time, and fit into their budget? The wine world is changing from wholesale to direct sales. The rapid consolidation of grocery, retail and wholesalers is creating a narrower path to market, especially for small wineries and limited production wines. The future opportunity for fine wine producers is to sell direct from the wineries to the consumers. But how do they find those distribution points? Join Claire and her guest, Rashmi Malhotra, as Rashmi explains how one of the world”?™s leading family-owned luxury fine wine companies has taken their 56 years of winery experience, leveraged education, technology and their vision for the future, to create a side opportunity like no other. Stay tuned and learn about Boisset wineries, and how they are bringing their quality wines to a home near you! #coffeewithclaire #wine #boissetwines #followthefun

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