If you are the type of person that likes to work to your own schedule, doesn’t like the hustle of public transport and is fed up with traffic congestion; then you should seriously consider an ebike.

E Transport purpose is to give people affordable access to a better mode of transport; not only to and from the workplace, it will be their favoured vehicle of all time for work and play.

Electric bikes revolutionise the way people ‘get around’ and inspires mobility. Known as ebikes, they are an ideal transport solution.


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Riding a pedal assisted ebike is so easy, no matter what your fitness level.

You will zip up hills, glide down many existing bike paths, get healthy, and finally enjoy commuting.

If you like fresh air and have a sense of freedom, your ebike will be your favoured transport every day of the week.

Ride it to the park, beach, shops, wherever, without worrying about pesky parking meters, registration and licences.

Distance is no issue with pedal assistance lasting hours and hours plus saving you lot’s of money.

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