Women’s Broadcast Television Network is seeking content created by women for women.  WOTV is the exclusive ALL women’s television station within a network of Cable stations throughout the United States and broadcasts via ROKU, Chromecast, AppleTV and GooglePlay to the world. When you host your television show on WOTV we put you front and center with access to 30 million viewers using digital streaming television globally!  That’s an immediate audience and that’s immediate revenue opportunities for you through new business or sponsorships/commercials.


We believe in the Power of the Collective! Think about it…it’s not just you promoting yourself; we have a network of professional women who are all promoting the network, in turn promoting you!  AND you are tapped in to the WOTV network!  We promote you via Press Releases, Media Opportunities, Dedicated Email and Social Media Campaigns and we highlight our Hosts throughout our network of Influencers!  Our philosophy is:  Without our hosts, we wouldn’t have a Network so everything we do is for our hosts!


You don’t have to be a celebrity to be a star on WOTV.  We believe every person has a passion, a skillset and a story to share with our global audience.  Our heart is to serve ALL women, so we have many opportunities for you to participate and receive the exposure you deserve.   Join us!  You get immediate access to our Training Center, Weekly Host Calls and ability to collaborate with other hosts in our Private FB Group!

Benefits for Hosts

Reach the 2.5 trillion dollar market of female business owners ages 25 – 60 years in age with tremendous consumer needs and purchasing power

Highlight products and services directly to your customer

Cross-promotion to access Viewers of 30 million streaming video subscribers on ROKU, local cable networks, AppleTV, Chromecast and others

Commercials with your branding and message running on WBTVN and partner stations

Cross-promotion on WBTVN social media channels and email network of 100,000+

Take advantage of the brand equity, media and tremendous following of business women WBTVN and Women’s Global Leadership Alliance (WGLA) has created.

Enhance your cause-related marketing by participating in events and shows that benefit the community and empower women

Multimedia promotional campaign includes television, radio, print, direct mail and internet including social media

Interview opportunities with WBTVN hosts

Banners and ads that run on individual host channels and WBTVN network

Dedicated campaign with pre-marketing and follow-up promotion

Press Release announcing partnership

Hyperlink on the website wbtvnt.v

Logo inclusion in signage and posters