Overseas Pakistanis and Offshore companies2019-04-17T14:30:09+00:00


TAX-AID can help you, without asking for your identity if you are an overseas Pakistani, resident or non-resident currently, and having questions regarding the declaration and taxability of your movable or immovable property and income therefrom in Pakistan or outside Pakistan in any country such as UAE, UK, USA and Canada etc.

TAX-AID can guide you in respect of your interests held in any offshore company and income therefrom. We can also guide you in correctly constructing your trail for such investments.

For the resolution of the matters related to the above assets and income you can use either the Query Box or Skype Slot depending upon comfort. The charges for this service would be reasonable and can be paid by any of the available modes in this platform without letting us know that who is using our advice.